Armagh University

Armagh offers a comprehensive training program designed to help you get the most out of your point of sale system. Our training programs are designed to teach you how to use our powerful retail and hospitality solutions.

Use On Demand Video Classes To Learn At Your Own Pace!

New software takes time to learn and fully implement, and it’s important to understand that your staff members already have a full-time job performing their regular duties. By enrolling your staff in Armagh University, you will be guaranteeing that they will receive professional training, resulting in better understanding of your systems features, higher product satisfaction, and a more likely successful implementation.

Armagh University classes help you implement major business functions faster. Success is easily obtained when appropriate time is allocated for training and implementation combined with the viewing of classes, performing hands-on orientation, attending the Question and Answer sessions, and implementing the functions. Since classes are available on demand as videos, they can be viewed in tandem with both staff and managers and hence multiple job functions can be addressed simultaneously.

Training Videos

Pre-recorded classes are available online as in-depth, instructor-led videos. Dozens of videos are available on demand, covering a variety of topics grouped in job specific categories. The videos range from 20 to 55 minutes in length, and allow you to learn at your own pace, at any time, and view them as often as you need. The Training Videos are available at no charge to customers with a Gold System Support Plan.

Feature Videos

Short targeted feature training videos categorized by job function. These videos coupled with Armagh University are key components to developing your POS system education. The Training Videos are available at no charge to customers with a Gold System Support Plan.

On-site or In-house Training

Armagh regularly schedules in-person interactive classes with groups or individuals for specific products. Training sessions are provided by system specialists with years of hands-on experience. Schedule training on-site in your restaurant or retail store, or at your head office. On the other hand, you may want to leave the hustle and bustle of your business behind temporarily and learn away from your business, and away from the interruptions here at our lab at Armagh, you decide! To schedule a training session, contact technical support and request a training appointment for your specific POS system.