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Healthy POS For Gentle Rain & Green Valley

Catapult POS Success Story - Gentle Rain Health Foods Store Manager

Catapult POS Delivers Everything Multi-Unit Health Food Retailer Wanted and More

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A health-food business with two retail outlets decided it needed a better long-term solution to drive successful growth, after 37 years of ringing up orders on standard cash registers and tracking inventory in notepads.

Management at the Gentle Rain of Stratford and Green Valley Health & Herbs in Elmira spent a year researching and interviewing POS providers before shifting from cash registers to the Armagh POS Solutions, Catapult Retail POS System.

“I really liked the flexibility of Catapult,” explains Michelle Dennis, General Manager of the Gentle Rain, which like Armagh is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019.

“It gives us features that weren’t available in products from other vendors. The ability to receive and sell ‘weighables’ (bulk products) as well as produce were big pluses for me. Our owner Brendan Davidson liked the fact that the system is web based. He can dial in from his laptop anywhere he is – he can look at sales, run a report, and see where our inventory stands.”

Michelle says Catapult also gave the business the ability to easily implement the Catapult Customer Loyalty Points Program. “Our VIP program allows you to earn points on supplements and body care, and you can redeem them for anything you’d like in the store.

“We’ve also done promotions in grocery, bulk, dairy and produce. It’s a chance to give something back to our customers, and it’s been a huge success. We recently launched a birthday VIP program which gives customers a $5 coupon on their birthday.”

The ease of putting items on sale has also helped drive sales.

Michelle adds that the Catapult back office delivers powerful store management insights. “It’s amazing, there are at least 50 different reports you can run – zero movement reports, sales history reports and more that let you see how an item is performing. If it’s an A it’s a great seller, if it’s a C or D it’s not so great and if it’s a G you should consider getting ride of it.”

Michelle says she and her team really appreciate the support provided by Armagh before, during and after installation of the system.

“We would definitely recommend Armagh and Catapult for any store with multiple departments and weighable – it works very well for us.”

About Armagh POS Solutions

Armagh has been serving the retail, restaurant and grocery industries in Canada since 1979, delivering solutions for a range of operators from single-unit small businesses to multi-unit national chains.

We are specialists in touch screen and scanning point of sale (POS) systems for both restaurants and retail stores, cash registers, scales, liquor inventory control systems, and grocery label and wrapping equipment.

With 40+ years POS industry experienced the sales staff at Armagh provides experienced consultants in point-of-purchase management, customer service efficiency, process automation, and restaurant order management.

Armagh’s award-winning Catapult Retail POS Software and Digital Dining POS Restaurant Software are best-in-class, and Armagh is a QIR and Diamond Toshiba Alliance Partner.