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Hutch’s On The Beach

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Iconic restaurant improves customer service, inventory control with Digital Dining

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Hutch’s iconic burgers and fries, fish and chips and summer ice cream have been creating memories on the beachfront for Hamilton families since 1946. Nothing much had changed over seven decades, with cashiers ringing up orders for seemingly endless line-ups, sliding handwritten chits to kitchen staff.

But when one of two cash registers went down in the summer of 2018, the management team decided to look at the possibility of retiring its cash registers. That was at the suggestion of an Armagh service technician sent out to fix the immediate problem.

“I didn’t know a lot about POS systems, but thought it may be time to at least look what other solutions are out there,” says Assistant Manager Shelley Anderson who has worked at Hutch’s On The Beach for 42 years.

“Armagh came in and gave us the option of just updating our cash registers or moving to Digital Dining. Seeing the possibilities helped us decide a POS system would be better. It has things like inventory control that, in a small family business like ours you may not think that you need, but can make a big difference.”

Better inventory control based on actual sales, a reduction in ordering errors and the ability to make menu changes quickly are among the early benefits.

“With inventory before, things were grouped together. We had a kiddie combo for instance, and there are five different choices for the main dish. It would just come up on the tape as a kid’s meal, I didn’t know if the choice was fish, or chicken nuggets or whatever. Now I know each and every item we sell.”

Hutch's ManagerShelley was also happy to eliminate the errors that often occur with hand-written orders.

“Now the customer can see their order on the screen that faces them. If there has been a communication error, the customer can see it right away and clarify what they want.

“Armagh has done a great job with training and support, so I’d definitely recommend them and Digital Dining.”

About Armagh POS Solutions

Armagh has been serving the retail, restaurant and grocery industries in Canada since 1979, delivering solutions for a range of operators from single-unit small businesses to multi-unit national chains.

We are specialists in touch screen and scanning point of sale (POS) systems for both restaurants and retail stores, cash registers, scales, liquor inventory control systems, and grocery label and wrapping equipment.

With 40+ years POS industry experienced the sales staff at Armagh provides experienced consultants in point-of-purchase management, customer service efficiency, process automation, and restaurant order management.

Armagh’s award-winning Catapult Retail POS Software and Digital Dining POS Restaurant Software are best-in-class, and Armagh is a QIR and Diamond Toshiba Alliance Partner.